OIA pro­jects

Cent­re of Exper­ti­se in Buil­ding Health

DIKI- acce­le­ra­tion of digi­ta­lized health solu­tions

FLYER — Deve­lop­ment of a medical device tes­ting ser­vice as a col­la­bo­ra­tion between eco­sys­tems



Prop­Tech clus­ter, digi­tal inno­va­tions in the pro­per­ty and con­struc­tion busi­ness

Know­­led­­ge-based inno­va­tion plat­forms (TIA)

OIA Busi­ness Clus­ter deve­lop­ment

Hydro­gen busi­ness in futu­re — Hydro­gen vision for Laa­ni­la Industrial Park


Blazing trails for Nort­hern Inno­va­tion — Oulu Inno­va­tion Alliance 2.0