Series of articles #1: Digi­tal gamec­han­ger? How Europe’s cities are adap­ting to the impact of COVID-19 on jobs and skills

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What las­ting impact will the pan­de­mic have on jobs and skills across Europe’s cities?

This ques­tion is at the cent­re of an article lin­king the work of the Jobs and Skills and Digi­tal tran­si­tion Part­ners­hips of the Urban Agen­da for the EU.

Writ­ten by expert Eddy Adams, Digi­tal Gamec­han­ger is the first of series of articles based on the work of the 14 Part­ners­hips of the Urban Agen­da for the EU

Orga­ni­sed under the Pro­duc­ti­ve city dimen­sion of the New Leipzig Char­ter, it looks at how Euro­pean cities have been adap­ting to the impact of COVID-19 on jobs.

About the series of articles

Struc­tu­red around the three city dimen­sions of the New Leipzig Char­ter (the Pro­duc­ti­ve, the Green and the Just City), the articles link Part­ners­hips’ actions and acti­vi­ties with other rele­vant EU pro­jects and ini­tia­ti­ves sup­por­ted by Cohe­sion Policy (inclu­ding Urban Inno­va­ti­ve Actions, URBACT or Article 7 cities bene­fit­ting from ERDF).

The articles demon­stra­te the key role of cities in the Urban Agen­da for the EU and focus on speci­fic actions they have led and imple­men­ted.

Ove­rall, the articles aim at showca­sing prac­tices and expe­riences on how dif­fe­rent tools and fun­ding sup­port can help cities face their chal­len­ges in a stra­te­gic way towards sus­tai­nable urban deve­lop­ment.

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