Sup­port for Oulu Inno­va­tion Alliance’s EU pro­ject applica­tions Grant applica­tion 2024 ope­ned

The OIA Ope­ra­tio­nal Mana­ge­ment Team ope­ned a grant applica­tion on Janua­ry 22, 2024 to sup­port direct EU pro­ject fun­ding applica­tions (com­pe­ti­ti­ve fun­ding, e.g. Horizon, which can be applied for throug­hout the EU).

One pro­ject applica­tion is sup­por­ted with a maxi­mum of €20,000. A total of €120,000 in fun­ding is avai­lable during 2024. The grant can be used for wri­ting costs of pro­ject applica­tions, or, for example, tra­vel expen­ses rela­ted to pre­pa­ra­tion. Grants are awar­ded to pro­ject applica­tions who­se dead­li­ne is by the end of Februa­ry 2025. Note. Recei­ving sup­port requi­res that the applica­tion is sub­mit­ted as plan­ned by the dead­li­ne of the applica­tion, to the EU call men­tio­ned in the applica­tion (i.e. money can­not be trans­fer­red to other applica­tions). The sup­port is paid after the costs have been incur­red, in one ins­tal­ment, up to the maxi­mum amount gran­ted.

The applica­tion is open con­ti­nuo­us­ly from Janua­ry 22, 2024 to August 12, 2024.

The first applica­tion proces­sing day is Februa­ry 23, 2024: applica­tions recei­ved by 12.00 noon on that day will be proces­sed by the end of Februa­ry. The second proces­sing day is August 12, 2024 and applica­tions recei­ved by 12.00 noon on that day will be proces­sed by the end of August.

Grant applica­tions must inclu­de 1) a conci­se pro­ject desc­rip­tion and 2) a sum­ma­ry of the fol­lowing:

1. A conci­se desc­rip­tion of the pro­ject for which EU fun­ding is sought (1–3 pages ppt/word) and the sig­ni­ficance of the grant sought for the applica­tion process.

2. A sum­ma­ry page (max 1 ppt) detai­ling the fol­lowing:

A. EU-Call whe­re fun­ding is sought, applica­tion dead­li­ne. The applica­tion dead­li­ne must be no later than Februa­ry 28, 2025.

B. Pro­ject name and a 1–2 sen­tence sum­ma­ry of the pro­ject con­tent.

C. Con­nec­tion to the OIA flags­hip pro­gram and stra­te­gy imple­men­ta­tion.

D. Applicant’s role in the pro­ject, esti­ma­ted bud­get.

E. Amount of pro­ject fun­ding applied for and what the money is inten­ded to be used for.

Pro­ject fun­ding applica­tions are uploa­ded to:
Tit­le the applica­tion attach­ments as fol­lows: EU pro­ject funding_Hakijan surname_Organization

For the spring, the dead­li­ne is Februa­ry 23, 2024 at 12.00 noon (1st proces­sing day). Deci­sions on sup­por­ted pre­pa­ra­tions will be made at the end of Februa­ry in the OIA Ope­ra­tio­nal Mana­ge­ment Team mee­ting, after which applicants will be noti­fied of the deci­sions.

The second proces­sing day is August 12, 2024, and applica­tions recei­ved by 12.00 noon on that day will be proces­sed by the end of August.

TIP: The applicant should con­tact the lea­der of the flags­hip pro­gram who­se goals the applied EU pro­ject pro­mo­tes. The OIA flags­hip pro­gram lea­der, toget­her with his team, con­si­ders which applica­tions are sub­mit­ted, i.e. which best pro­mo­tes the MWB/roadmap of the OIA flags­hip pro­gram in ques­tion. If the­re are pro­ject drafts that touch on seve­ral flags­hip pro­gram the­mes, coordinate/consult and prio­ri­tize pro­jects with the­se flags­hip pro­grams to direct them to this. Con­tact infor­ma­tion for OIA flags­hip pro­grams is avai­lable at

More infor­ma­tion:

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