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Networ­king & Tips for the Sum­mer­ti­me!

What kind of acti­vi­ties can you do in the sum­mer of Oulu? This was preci­se­ly answe­red at the Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu Networ­king Event, which focused on sum­mer acti­vi­ties in Oulu.

The most ins­pi­ring rec­ruit­ment event in the uni­ver­se – Mega­Match­ma­king 14.9.

Meet emplo­yers, start networ­king, learn the best tips and tricks with the job hunt, and find your­self a new posi­tion at the super-inte­res­ting Mega­Match­ma­king rec­ruit­ment event.

JobCor­ner x 4H: Work and stu­dies avai­lable for child coun­sel­lors via pay sub­si­dy

We are loo­king for child tutors for after­noon acti­vi­ties for schoolc­hildren (1–2 gra­des) as a wage sub­si­dy emplo­y­ment. The jobs are loca­ted at Sara­suo School, Oulu Inter­na­tio­nal School, Kaak­ku­ri School and Läm­sän­jär­vi School.

JobCor­ner & Alfred: Seve­ral open posi­tions for res­tau­rant pro­fes­sion emplo­yees

Are you loo­king for a new direc­tion in the res­tau­rant industry? Join us for a free at JobCor­ner rec­ruit­ment event on Thurs­day 29 of June to find out more about the open posi­tions at Alfred Kitc­hen & Bar.

Your expe­rience of moving to Oulu – sur­vey

Moving to a new count­ry is never easy. Here at IH Oulu, we know this and want to help futu­re Oulu resi­dents with their reloca­tion here.

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu Networ­king event – Sum­mer edi­tion

How can you spend your sum­mer in Oulu? The­re are a lot to enjoy about Oulu in sum­mer when you know whe­re to go!

Eve­ry­one’s Sum­mer Fes­ti­val again takes place in Oulu’s Kuusi­saa­ri on 7.6. – head­li­ned by Por­tion Boys

The eup­ho­ric and free of char­ge event of the sum­mer, known as the Eve­ry­bo­dy’s Sum­mer Fes­ti­val, will again take place in Oulu’s Kuusi­saa­ri on 7 June.

”Oulu is a place whe­re pas­sio­na­te people and beau­ti­ful natu­re are welco­ming you”

Jun Naka­mu­ra is ori­gi­nal­ly from Japan. Cur­rent­ly, he stu­dies MSc. in Inter­na­tio­nal Busi­ness Mana­ge­ment at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Oulu.

Here they are: IH Oulu ambas­sa­dors!

Pava­ni, Sara, Edu­ra­do and Jun are Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu ambas­sa­dors 2023. Get a glimp­se of their thoughts!

May­or Sep­po Määt­tä: “With Inter­na­tio­nal House, Oulu will beco­me a bet­ter city”

The ope­ning cere­mo­nies of Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu (IH Oulu) at Busi­ness­A­se­ma were held over two days, and approxi­ma­te­ly 300 atten­dees par­tici­pa­ted.

Inte­gra­ting Inter­na­tio­nal Talent into Your Team

Are you rea­dy to welco­me new inter­na­tio­nal talent to your team? Loo­king to att­ract and retain team-mem­bers from cul­tu­ral­ly diver­se backgrounds?

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu opens its doors

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu is a new, compre­hen­si­ve ser­vice concept. It brings toget­her gui­dance and coun­sel­ling ser­vices for inter­na­tio­nal cus­to­mers on a single-win­dow basis under one roof.

Come to network and celebra­te the ope­ning of the Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu is a place at Busi­ness­A­se­ma which col­lects dif­fe­rent gui­dance ser­vices in one place! We are also deligh­ted to int­ro­duce Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu ambas­sa­dors.

For futu­re Oulu citizens

Moving abroad and buil­ding a new life is an exci­ting, life-chan­ging expe­rience. But dea­ling with a dif­fe­rent count­ry can be chal­len­ging. Whe­re should I begin?

Invi­ta­tion: Grand Ope­ning of Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu

Welco­me to the ope­ning cere­mo­ny of Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu on Tues­day, April 25.

Do you want to beco­me an Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu ambas­sa­dor?

You can pro­mo­te and impro­ve your skills and build a strong pro­fes­sio­nal network.

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