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Embracing Oulu: A Texan’s Tale of Growth, Chal­len­ges, and Success

Adrian Cana­les is ori­gi­nal­ly from Texas, USA. He has been living and cal­ling Oulu his home for ele­ven years. Cur­rent­ly he is a com­mu­nica­tions intern at Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu.

Why learn Fin­nish, or should I learn it at all?

Have you just arri­ved in Fin­land, and you are pon­de­ring if you should learn the Fin­nish lan­gua­ge to find a job? Or have you been here for a whi­le, and you have encoun­te­red chal­len­ges in the job mar­ket due to limi­ted lan­gua­ge skills?

Buil­ding Bonds: The Rise of Game Nights at Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu 

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu has been buil­ding its pre­sence almost for a year now. One cor­ners­to­ne of IH Oulu’s acti­vi­ties has been offe­ring a plat­form for various events.  

Steps to Success: BusinessOulu’s Inter­na­tio­nal Career Day

This event pre­sents an excel­lent oppor­tu­ni­ty for inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents and other job­see­kers to gain valuable insights, tips, and hear ins­pi­ring career sto­ries from Business­Oulu emplo­yees with inter­na­tio­nal backgrounds.

Welco­me to the Volun­teer Work Oppor­tu­ni­ties Fair!

The event is for tho­se who want to learn more about volun­tee­ring, meet orga­niza­tions that pro­vi­de such oppor­tu­ni­ties, and hear tips and success sto­ries from expe­rienced volun­teers.

Roll the Dice and Make a Friend – This March at Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu

Hey Game Wizards and Networ­king Nin­jas, Guess what’s back this March? We’­re tal­king about the legen­da­ry Board Games and Networ­king event at Busi­ness­A­se­ma.

Wor­king hard to pur­sue the dreams: Polina’s sto­ry of apprecia­tion

Polina’s jour­ney in Fin­land did not start in Oulu, but she is hap­py that it led her the­re. She is now pur­suing a degree in Tou­rism and dreams of doing impact­ful work at the city ser­vices.

The Inter­na­tio­nal Emplo­yer of the Year in Oulu com­pe­ti­tion 2024

The Inter­na­tio­nal Emplo­yer of the Year in Oulu com­pe­ti­tion is searc­hing for orga­niza­tions in the Oulu region that have success­ful­ly rec­rui­ted, onboar­ded, and retai­ned immi­grants and inter­na­tio­nal talents.

Job Hun­ting and Networ­king on Lin­ke­dIn x 3

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Opti­mum ‑pro­ject offers three English spea­king Lin­ke­dIn trai­ning modu­les for tho­se who alrea­dy use Lin­ke­dIn and need trai­ning to dee­pen their know­led­ge.

Con­nect & Learn: Network with our Ambas­sa­dors

Do you want to meet Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu’s Ambas­sa­dors? We are exci­ted to invi­te you to an infor­mal eve­ning of networ­king and socia­li­sing.

Come and find out about open posi­tions at Sonoco-Alco­­re Oy

Sonoco-Alco­re Oy is establis­hing a new core fac­to­ry in Oulu’s Äimä­rau­tio, and the com­pa­ny is rec­rui­ting now.

Open posi­tion: Com­mu­nica­tions Trai­nee, Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu

Are you inte­res­ted in a com­mu­nica­tions trai­nee posi­tion at Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu?

Join Us for a Unique Networ­king and Board Games Eve­ning

This pre-Valentine’s Day event is about celebra­ting love and friends­hip in a unique and enga­ging way.

High­lights of the Työn­tai­ta­jak­si 2024 event

Työn­tai­ta­jik­si 2024 – the pro­fes­sio­nal and wor­king-life event for young people – was more ver­sa­ti­le and enter­tai­ning than befo­re.

Vil­la Vic­tor Cof­fee Club

Welco­me to chat at Vil­la’s cof­fee club on Wed­nes­days from 14:00 to 16:00!

Vil­laa ylle – Mul­ticul­tu­ral Knit­ting and Croc­he­ting Club

Welco­me to spend cozy Fri­day mor­nings with knit­ting need­les, croc­he­ting hooks and casual chat!

Pop-up ser­vices at Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu

Inter­na­tio­nal House Oulu is well known for gat­he­ring a ran­ge of gui­dance and advi­so­ry ser­vices for inter­na­tio­nal cus­to­mers under one roof.

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