Purc­ha­ses & Mate­rials

The car­bon footprint from event purc­ha­ses and mate­rials, mea­ning event struc­tu­res, tech­no­lo­gy, deco­ra­tions and merc­han­di­se, can be reduced by choo­sing eco­lo­gical and recycled options. In an ideal situa­tion the event orga­nizers work in paper­less offices and do not print pro­gram­mes, but rat­her sha­re infor­ma­tion via info screens, mobi­le apps or web­si­tes.

After an event the ser­vice pro­vi­ders take the equip­ment and appliances with them. Purc­ha­ses are recycled or retur­ned to whe­re they were bor­rowed from. Lany­ards and name tags are col­lec­ted.

What else? You can learn to plan ahead a more sus­tai­nable chain for each event purc­ha­se!

Do this


Use the sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty cri­te­ria when ten­de­ring purc­ha­ses.

Pre­fer durable purc­ha­ses and mate­rials. Plan how to reuse your purc­ha­ses after the event alrea­dy when purc­ha­sing.

Mini­mize the amount of merc­han­di­se and goods given to audience. The less mate­rial, the less lit­ter!


Take the envi­ron­men­tal friend­li­ness of pro­ducts and ser­vices into con­si­de­ra­tion. Check if a busi­ness is using an envi­ron­men­tal mana­ge­ment sys­tem or if they have recei­ved an envi­ron­men­tal label.

Do not print dates or years so it is pos­sible to reuse the same mate­rials, for example signs, ban­ners, fes­ti­val shirts or other merc­han­di­se, in the futu­re.

Do not purc­ha­se anyt­hing that you can rent from event busi­ness subcont­rac­tors or, for example, bor­row from other event orga­nizers.

Next Level

Uti­lize old and reuse exis­ting mate­rials. Explo­re flea mar­kets and recycling cent­res. Be crea­ti­ve! You can find the flea mar­kets in Oulu on kirpputorit24 web­si­te (in Fin­nish).

Do not buy any new plas­tic junk for, for example, give aways or for deco­ra­ting an event.

Deco­ra­ting with domes­tic flowers and plants is a car­bon-neut­ral choice!

More could be done to pro­mo­te local joint use. Lai­naa­mo, ope­ra­ted by Kor­kar­diklu­bi (site in Fin­nish) and loca­ted in the old bar­racks area in Hiuk­ka­vaa­ra, bor­rows equip­ment and appliances for small events.

Would it be a high time time to crea­te a social media group or an event tra­ding place for recycling fes­ti­val stuff, mea­ning objects, mate­rials and equip­ment left use­less by other event orga­nizers?