Was­te Mana­ge­ment

The lea­ding idea in event sani­ta­tion could be that a venue or event space must always be clea­ned after use to cor­res­pond its sta­te befo­re the event. Lea­ving was­te on public areas, like parks and forests, is also pro­hi­bi­ted by law, and lit­te­ring can be sub­ject to a fine. The bet­ter the event was­te is sor­ted and recycled, the smal­ler is the car­bon footprint of the was­te mana­ge­ment.

Col­lec­ting com­bus­tible was­te is a mini­mum requi­re­ment at audience events. Events that only have one gar­ba­ge bin type are beco­ming rare. If an event has ser­ving or food sales, bio was­te must have a sepa­ra­te gar­ba­de bin. It is recom­men­dable for events to orga­nize sor­ting for card­board, glass, metal, paper, plas­tic, hazar­dous was­te, bott­les and cans as well.

When regis­te­ring events of over 500 people, you must inclu­de a detai­led plan on was­te mana­ge­ment. All neces­sa­ry event per­mits can be found on the City of Oulu e‑Permit sys­tem.

Do this


Acqui­re the neces­sa­ry was­te con­tai­ners and instruct visi­tors in sor­ting the cor­rect way.

Clean the venue and its imme­dia­te sur­roun­dings after the event.

Orga­nize smo­king at the venue in such a way that ciga­ret­te stubs do not end up in the soil.


Place was­te con­tai­ners with sor­ting instruc­tions on an easy-to-see loca­tion and whe­re the audience spend time and use ser­vices.

Moni­tor was­te con­tai­ners’ fil­ling, and ensu­re that they are emp­tied regu­lar­ly.

Obey legis­la­ted pro­hi­bi­tions on smo­king, and clear­ly mark areas whe­re smo­king is per­mit­ted.

Next Level

Requi­re indi­vi­dual was­te mana­ge­ment plans from cate­ring ser­vices and other food ven­dors.

Hire staff for sor­ting points: special forces that instruct the audience in sor­ting in a fun way.

Plan a cam­paign that rewards for sor­ting!

A ciga­ret­te stub never decom­po­ses. When ciga­ret­te stubs, the most com­mon plas­tic lit­ter in the world, end up in natu­re, they dis­sol­ve into small mic­roplas­tic par­ticles that trans­port toxic che­micals into the soil and the waterways. Mic­roplas­tics and harm­ful subs­tances accu­mu­la­te in the food chain, and through fish and crus­taceans they even­tual­ly end up in humans.

The effects of cam­paig­ning and mini asht­rays for ciga­ret­te stub­bing were tes­ted at Var­jo fes­ti­val.

Res­pon­sible ciga­ret­te stub­bing was also lear­ned at Häs­säk­kä­päi­vät.

Two other inno­va­tion tes­tings invol­ved effec­ti­ve was­te mana­ge­ment. Smart was­te mana­ge­ment was tes­ted at two dif­fe­rent-size music fes­ti­vals, at Qstock in Oulu and at Bätt­re Folk in Hai­luo­to.

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