Saving ciga­ret­te butts in poc­ket asht­rays

Cybers­hop’s cus­to­mized Poc­ket Bud­dy asht­rays for fes­ti­val atten­dees

Col­lec­ting ciga­ret­te butts from the fes­ti­val area is a time-con­su­ming task when dis­mant­ling an event, but a res­pon­sible event orga­nizer does not want any ciga­ret­te butts ending up in natu­re. Cybers­hop tes­ted their Poc­ket Bud­dy asht­ray inno­va­tion at Häs­säk­kä-Päi­vät, ensu­ring that the fes­ti­val envi­ron­ment remai­ned clean.

Inno­va­tion Trial

Cybers­hop tes­ted their own inno­va­tion, a por­table Poc­ket Bud­dy poc­ket asht­ray, at the fes­ti­val to pre­vent ciga­ret­te butts from ending up in natu­re. The poc­ket asht­rays were cus­to­mized to match the visual iden­ti­ty of Häs­säk­kä-Päi­vät Fes­ti­val and the event orga­nizer, Cul­tu­ral Associa­tion Pas­ka­kau­pun­ni, making them a sty­lish and neces­sa­ry giveaway for fes­ti­val atten­dees.

The Poc­ket Bud­dies were also used as mar­ke­ting mate­rial on social media and at the fes­ti­val itself. They were distri­bu­ted to the audience wit­hin the fes­ti­val area and its imme­dia­te vici­ni­ty, especial­ly in gras­sy areas whe­re clea­ning is par­ticu­lar­ly slow.


Cybers­hop distri­bu­ted a total of 500 Poc­ket Bud­dies, 300 on Fri­day and 200 on Satur­day. On both days, the asht­rays were distri­bu­ted to fes­ti­val-goers in less than three hours. Almost eve­ry­one who recei­ved a poc­ket asht­ray star­ted using the pro­duct, and many men­tio­ned that they would con­ti­nue to use it in the futu­re. Feed­back from fes­ti­val atten­dees desc­ri­bed the inno­va­tion as a “great inven­tion,” noting its sui­ta­bi­li­ty for various pur­po­ses, such as a coin pur­se or earplug case.

After the fes­ti­val days, both the fes­ti­val area and its sur­roun­dings were visual­ly ins­pec­ted, and it was noted that the ground was near­ly free of ciga­ret­te butts — an excel­lent outco­me for natu­re, the tes­ter, and the event orga­nizer!