Com­mu­nica­ting Res­pon­sible Stub­bing Out

Mul­pe­ri Media’s Vas­tuul­li­nen tump­paus (Res­pon­sible stub­bing out) mar­ke­ting cam­paing at the Var­jo Fes­ti­val

Mul­pe­ri Media imple­men­ted com­mu­nica­tions about res­pon­sible stub­bing out of ciga­ret­tes at the Var­jo Fes­ti­val. Though the goal was to influence the atten­dees, it was impor­tant that the mes­sa­ging pre­ser­ved a posi­ti­ve tone: people come to a fes­ti­val to enjoy and have fun!

Inno­va­tion Trial

Mul­pe­ri Media tes­ted how a com­mu­nica­tions cam­paign about res­pon­sible stub­bing out of ciga­ret­tes and the use of mini asht­rays affec­ted people’s smo­king habits at the Var­jo Fes­ti­val.

The trial was orga­nized in three parts: a mar­ke­ting cam­paign befo­re and after the fes­ti­val, a ciga­ret­te butt pat­rol circling around the fes­ti­val and ques­tions in the fes­ti­val atten­dee sur­vey about the success of the cam­paign. The slo­gans of the cam­paign were the ins­pi­ring and posi­ti­ve excla­ma­tions “Drop beats, not butts!” and “Drop moves, not butts!”

In addi­tion to this trial, Zero Was­te Fin­land also tes­ted the use of mini asht­rays on fes­ti­vals. Read more about the Zero Was­te Finland’s inno­va­tion trial.


The mini asht­rays gene­ral­ly recei­ved a lot of posi­ti­ve feed­back during the fes­ti­val and the atten­dees were plea­sed that atten­tion has been paid to the ciga­ret­te butt problem. A litt­le over 200 mini asht­rays were distri­bu­ted during the fes­ti­val so the­re clear­ly was need for the inno­va­tion and the mar­ke­ting reac­hed the right people.

Accor­ding to the Var­jo Fes­ti­val atten­dee sur­vey, the cam­paign reac­hed over 50 % of the res­pon­dents on social media, and about 10 % at the fes­ti­val itself. For example, a Tik­Tok video gat­he­red a lot of atten­tion: 24 800 views and 607 likes.

The cam­paign also influenced the attendee’s actions. Awa­re­ness of res­pon­sible stub­bing out of ciga­ret­tes had influenced 12 % of smo­king and stub­bing out at the fes­ti­val. Over one fifth of the res­pon­dent smo­kers had noticed the cam­paign but alrea­dy acted res­pon­sibly and thus it did not affect their actions.

The com­mu­nica­tion was upda­ted during the fes­ti­val when feed­back about people smo­king in inap­propria­te places reac­hed the tes­ters. On the second fes­ti­val day, infor­ma­tion about smo­king areas was added to the festival’s Ins­ta­gram sto­ries and the atten­dees were encou­ra­ged to use them. This was also men­tio­ned to people pic­king up mini asht­rays. The job desc­rip­tion of the ciga­ret­te butt pat­rol was chan­ged on the fly to distri­bu­tion of mini asht­rays and sprea­ding of infor­ma­tion.