Mini Asht­rays out of Recycled Mate­rials

Zero Was­te Finland’s mini asht­rays made out of emp­ty blood sugar test strip con­tai­ner for fes­ti­val use

Zero Was­te Fin­land wan­ted to pre­vent ciga­ret­te butts from ending up in the ground wit­hout pro­ducing any new mate­rial. Used blood sugar test strip con­tai­ner were tur­ned into mini asht­rays for smo­kers. A com­mu­nica­tion cam­paign was con­nec­ted to the trial as well.

Inno­va­tion Trial

In the trial orga­nized by the Zero Was­te Fin­land associa­tion, emp­ty blood sugar test strip con­tai­ners were col­lec­ted from Oulu City Hos­pi­tal and OYS. The con­tai­ners were tur­ned into mini asht­rays and about 230 pieces were distri­bu­ted to the smo­king fes­ti­val atten­dees. Coo­pe­ra­tion with health care pro­fes­sio­nals was an inte­gral part of the inno­va­tion because the­re is still much that needs to be done at hos­pi­tals when it comes to recycling and a lot of was­te emer­ges the­re.

On top of this trial, Mul­pe­ri Media cam­paig­ned at the fes­ti­val and on social media about res­pon­sible stub­bing out of ciga­ret­tes. Read more about Mul­pe­ri Media’s inno­va­tion trial.


Mini asht­rays were recei­ved posi­ti­ve­ly by the fes­ti­val atten­dees. The asht­rays were not distri­bu­ted to eve­ry­one, people were asked if they wan­ted to a mini asht­ray for their ciga­ret­te butts and snuff. A lot of spon­ta­neous posi­ti­ve feed­back was recei­ved from the atten­dees.

Accor­ding to the Var­jo Fes­ti­val atten­dee sur­vey, 11,5 % used or tried the asht­rays and a total of 7 % of the res­pon­dents will con­ti­nue to use them after the fes­ti­val. Con­si­de­ring the rela­ti­ve­ly small num­ber of distri­bu­ted mini asht­rays, the res­pon­se can be seen as pro­mi­sing.