Cal­ling for health-safe solu­tions for orga­ni­sing events

Käsiä ilmassa.

A rapid Covid-19 test at the fes­ti­val gate? A mobi­le applica­tion that cont­rols audience’s move­ments in the event area and pre­vents con­ges­tions and queues? Or some other inno­va­tion that would enable health-safe orga­ni­sing of events?

Since last year, the Most Sus­tai­nable Euro­pean Capi­tal of Cul­tu­re pro­ject has been loo­king for eco-inno­va­tions to be tes­ted at events in Nort­hern Ostro­both­nia. The aim is to reduce the car­bon footprint of the events in the region.

Howe­ver, due to the gat­he­ring restric­tions, the events have been cance­led during the Coro­na­vi­rus pan­de­mic. The­re­fo­re, the pro­ject extends its search for solu­tions to inclu­de inven­tions that pre­vent the spread of viruses at the events. Health-safe solu­tions are expec­ted to be as car­bon neut­ral as pos­sible.

The event industry is struggling to find its way out of hard restric­tions. The­re is an urgent need for health-safe ways to orga­ni­se events as the pan­de­mic con­ti­nues.

Such events as Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val and Oulu-based fes­ti­vals like Qstock and Var­jo, among others, have sig­ned up as tes­ting plat­forms for eco-inno­va­tions and health-safe solu­tions. The­se tes­tings can be car­ried out in the sum­mer of 2021, if the pan­de­mic situa­tion eases. Solu­tions are also being sought for the events of 2022.

Inno­va­tors can recei­ve a maxi­mum of EUR 10,000 from the pro­ject to car­ry out tes­tings at the event. The inno­va­tions to be tes­ted are selec­ted by a panel of experts.

Applica­tion period for health-safe and car­bon-neut­ral solu­tions con­ti­nues until 31st May 2021.

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