Car­poo­ling to Events

CoReorient’s ser­vice tes­ting at the NUTS Kar­hun­kier­ros event and the Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val

CoReo­rient tes­ted tur­ning the car­pool ser­vice they deve­lo­ped into an applica­tion that is sui­table for event trans­por­ta­tion. A lot of valauble data for the applica­tion deve­lop­ment was gat­he­red and one thing beca­me very clear: ease of use is the most impor­tant aspect, even with ser­vices that you make sus­tai­nable choices with.

Inno­va­tion Trial

CoReorient’s car­poo­ling ser­vice is desig­ned for rou­ti­ne car­poo­ling for com­mu­ting for example. The goal of the inno­va­tion trial was to ease trans­por­ta­tion to fes­ti­vals with car­poo­ling or ease trans­por­ta­tion from one place to anot­her during an event.

A ver­sion of the ser­vice was made that made it more sui­table for fes­ti­val use. Pre­sen­ta­tion mate­rial was also pre­pa­red at the events and onli­ne and the events pro­mo­ted the ser­vice on their chan­nels.

Car­poo­ling is arran­ged on the applica­tion in groups into which the users regis­ter for based on their trans­por­ta­tion needs. In the NUTS event, people could search for car­poo­ling to the run star­ting points and to the cent­ral mee­ting places. In the Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val the trans­por­ta­tion focused on Haa­pa­ve­si, which is dif­ficult to reach with public trans­por­ta­tion.


48 users regis­te­red for the applica­tion during the trial but during the NUTS event, mul­tiple tar­gets for deve­lop­ment aro­se that pre­ven­ted the trips from being arran­ged. The ser­vice was deve­lo­ped furt­her during the trial for the Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val event. Even though infor­ma­tion about the ser­vice was sha­red to the fes­ti­val atten­dees, half of the users star­ted loo­king for car­pools only on the event week or only a couple days befo­re.

After the events, NUTS Kar­hun­kier­ros and Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val inclu­ded ques­tions about the car­pool trial in their atten­dee sur­veys, and CoReo­rient asked for feed­back from the regis­te­red users as well. Accor­ding to the NUTS feed­back, the ser­vice should be easier to use: deman­ding speci­fic trans­port infor­ma­tion and the car­pool agree­ment process that, for example, emp­ha­sizes safe­ty made the use of the ser­vice diffcult. One res­pon­se was given to the Haa­pa­ve­si Folk Music Fes­ti­val sur­vey that desc­ri­bed the ser­vice as func­tio­nal and that they would hap­pi­ly use the ser­vice again.

During the trial, many tar­gets of impro­ve­ment were found for the applica­tion to ease the use of the car­poo­ling ser­vice for events. For example, if the fes­ti­val or the rou­te is known to eve­ry­bo­dy and the ser­vice is only used for fin­ding car­poo­ling com­pa­nions, the­re is no need for a speci­fic map. On the other hand, trips to events or other cities must have a dif­fe­rent use path.