Was­te-free Event Dining

Zestii’s and Kamupak’s joint trial: Reusable food con­tai­ners at The Irish Fes­ti­val of Oulu

In the local and sus­tai­nable food supplier Zestii’s and depo­sit food and drink con­tai­ner manu­fac­tu­rer Kamupak’s joint trial, gig atten­dees got to try out was­te-free event dining whe­re the food con­tai­ners were retur­ned after use. The trial recei­ved a warm recep­tion and the con­tai­ner return wor­ked well when the solu­tion was announced at the event and befo­re it.

Inno­va­tion Trial

The local­ly craf­ted cui­si­ne by Zes­tii’s chefs with immi­grant backgrounds was ser­ved in The Irish Fes­ti­val of Oulu’s gig night on Kamupak’s retur­nable food and drink con­tai­ners. Sty­lish mar­ke­ting mate­rial was desig­ned and crea­ted for the event that was used to inform the atten­dees about the retur­nable con­tai­ners at the event as well as befo­re and after it. The artists and fes­ti­val orga­nizers were also ser­ved snacks in Kamupak’s con­tai­ners backs­ta­ge.

During the trial it was impor­tant to inform clear­ly that the con­tai­ners are reusable and the cus­to­mers are expec­ted to return them and not toss them. The trial fun­ding was efficient­ly used for the crea­tion of new mar­ke­ting mate­rials that high­ligh­ted the mat­ter suf­ficient­ly. Though Zees­ti and Kamu­pak were qui­te unk­nown to the gig atten­dees, their trial was welco­med with open arms.


During the event, the cus­to­mers were told about Kamupak’s con­tai­ners oral­ly and with visual mate­rials pre­pa­red for the event. Zees­ti did not char­ge depo­sits from the cus­to­mers during the trial.

During the event, 98 % of boxes, 94 % of bowls and 87,5 % of cups were retur­ned after use. Most of the cus­to­mers unders­tood the natu­re of Kamupak’s sys­tem and it got very posi­ti­ve feed­back. In the sur­vey orga­nized after the event, 100 % told that they par­tici­pa­ted in the trial hap­pi­ly and viewed it as a posi­ti­ve chance to par­tici­pa­te in orga­nizing events in a more sus­tai­nable way, even if the ser­vice would be sub­ject to a depo­sit char­ge. The mes­sa­ging on social media also reac­hed people well.

Kamupak’s con­tai­ner recycling will have an even big­ger impact when more sel­lers distri­bu­te their con­tai­ners at events.