Ener­gy-Stin­gy Sto­ra­ge Solu­tion with a Con­tai­ner Dryer

The use of F‑Solutions’s smart con­tai­ner dryers in reducing car­bon footprint in the sto­ra­ge of event equip­ment.

F‑Solutions inves­ti­ga­ted the abi­li­ty of a solar-powe­red con­tai­ner dryer to keep ship­ping con­tai­ner dry around the year. The goal of the solu­tion was to reduce the ener­gy con­sump­tion of event equip­ment sto­ra­ge.

Inno­va­tion Trial

F‑Solution’s inno­va­tion trial inves­ti­ga­ted how a smart solar-powe­red con­tai­ner dryer keeps ship­ping con­tai­ner dry around the year. Like this, the event equip­ment – tables, tex­ti­les and devices – don’t have to be sto­red in war­med spaces that con­su­me ener­gy.

Based on the first trial orga­nized in 2022, a design was com­pi­led for the fol­lowing sum­mer. The desig­ned device pro­ved to be func­tio­nal, but its efficiency was lac­king. The results were used in the fol­low-up trial in 2023.


Solar panels, an inver­ter and a desiccant type dryer, that makes drying pos­sible on subze­ro tem­pe­ra­tu­res, were ins­tal­led on the con­tai­ners. To super­vi­se mois­tu­re, humi­di­ty sen­sors were used which enabled the super­vi­sion of the gene­ral humi­di­ty in the con­tai­ner as well as the dry­ness of the most sen­si­ti­ve air-tight sto­ra­ge boxes equip­ped with silica­gel-col­lec­tors. The trial found that the use of des­sicant type dryers and silica­gel equa­lizers achie­ves suf­ficient­ly low humi­di­ty levels for the year-round sto­ra­ge of even the most sen­si­ti­ve mate­rials.

98 % of the event equip­ment sur­vi­ves cold sto­ra­ge when the humi­di­ty cont­rol is taken care of. Out of all Vectorama’s equip­ment only adhe­vi­se tape, glue, smo­ke fluid and a dishwas­her were seen as items that can­not be sto­red in the cold. It is advi­sed to equip the sto­ra­ge spaces with fixed elect­rici­ty, but solar power can be suf­ficient too: in any case, the ener­gy need is sig­ni­ficant­ly lower with a con­tai­ner dryer when com­pa­red to nor­mal warm sto­ra­ge.

Thanks to the pro­ject, the event orga­nizer deci­ded to reduce the amount of warm sto­ra­ge spaces and find more room for addi­to­nal ship­ping con­tai­ners. Addi­tio­nal­ly, it reduces car­go emis­sions because with warm sto­ra­ge items would need to be col­lec­ted with a truck mul­tiple times during the event. The ship­ping con­tai­ner enables the trans­por­ta­tion of a 86 cubic meter con­tai­ner to the event loca­tion in one trip. Car­bon footprint is reduced thanks to sto­ra­ge ener­gy needs and logis­tics.