Barce­lo­na Smart City Expo 2024 — info-Teams for com­pa­nies

Com­pa­nies from Oulu offe­ring smart city solu­tions — come with us to Barce­lo­na for the Smart City Expo in Novem­ber!

Expo info for com­pa­nies on 12th June at 13.00, order Teams-link:

Business­Oulu is loo­king for Oulu-based com­pa­nies who want to bring their own smart city solu­tions to the atten­tion of inter­na­tio­nal mar­kets and cities, for City of Oulu’s booth at Nor­dic Pavi­lion.

Smart City Expo World Congress is the world’s big­gest and most influen­tial event on urban inno­va­tion. The event con­nects lea­ders from glo­bal com­pa­nies, govern­ments, and orga­niza­tions to move cities towards a bet­ter futu­re. Smart City Expo is held annual­ly in Barce­lo­na, this year 5th- 7th Novem­ber.

More about the event:

The com­pa­nies selec­ted for Oulu’s Expo booth do not pay for their par­tici­pa­tion at the expo, the com­pa­ny only pays for its representative’s own tra­vel and accom­mo­da­tion expen­ses.

Want to join us?

Tune in on 12.6. at 1pm to a quick info-Teams, whe­re repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Busi­ness­Fin­land and Business­Oulu talk about the Expo and what it can offer to com­pa­nies and how to reser­ve for a spot for your com­pa­ny.

Order the Teams link for info-Teams here:

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Maria Vuo­ren­so­la